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Avida Emerald Caravan is without peer, a caravan offering so much in creature comforts, exceptional standard features, smooth and stable, a dream to tow.

Yet there is much more to an Avida Emerald Caravan than meets the eye. Every new Avida Emerald caravan has a very important attribute we simply call “peace of mind”. Very apparent is the high standard of fit out in each Emerald caravan, the huge amount of storage inside and out, the vast choice of both internal and external decors and of course, quality appliances designed for a quality lifestyle out on the road

What is not readily apparent is the hours of engineering and design expertise, the superior construction techniques and premium quality materials used to create the strongest caravan with the thickest sandwich panel walls, roof and metal sheathed floor, all with more insulation – Your Emerald is made to last.

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Avida Emerald

Some Images of the Avida Emerald