Hinterland Motorhome’s Consignment

Why not take advantage of Hinterland motorhomes consignment options? With our years of experience in the motorhome industry through service, sales and marketing, and let Hinterland Motorhomes consign your motorhome for you. Providing you with the assurance of highly trained and professional sales staff, commercial leading advertising through our own website, marketing campaigns and other widely used third-party sales websites, you will have the best chance in selling your motorhome – hassle free.

Why consign?

Through consigning your vehicle with us, potential buyers have more confidence in knowing that:

  • The product advertised has no hidden or extra costs on top; all costs are drive away
  • Finance options are available
  • Trade in options are available
  • The motorhome advertised is secured within our dealership at all times
  • Pricing is fair and marketed on current retail value
  • That important history can be provided
  • The buyer will also be provided with full training on the features of the truck and motorhome
  • Ongoing support and service after purchasing the motorhome.

Benefits for you?

  • We will only contact you with questions or offers if the potential buyer is genuine
  • Our experienced sales staff handle the negotiations to get the most for your motorhome
  • No need to provide your personal details, residential address or storage address to the general public
  • Higher chance of selling from commercial exposure
  • Detailing available to give it that sparkle and attract buyers
  • No time wasters, no phone calls at random hours, no outrageous requests, no hassles once the motorhome is sold
  • Vast range of aftermarket products and supplies available to be done on site for the buyer before they pick up. (i.e. Tinting, Anderson plugs, 12v fans, Bull bars etc..)

For more information on consigning your Motorhome with us, please use the form below, and one of our friendly sales staff will contact you shortly.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of consigning comply with the Motor Dealers and Chattel Auctioneers Act 2014. Each consignment is subject to viewing and agreement within the terms and conditions of Hinterland Motorhomes.