Avida / Winnebago Catch and Keeper


Catch and Keeper for Drawers and Cupboards.

Latching function is accomplished in a relatively low-profile mechanism, just 13.7 mm (.54″) thick. Over-center action actually pulls door tighter to latch, releasing it when you pull to open door.

  • Latches can be mounted in any orientation; catch and keeper are marked to match proper orientation
  • Mounting options allow you to mount latch catch in face or along side of frame

Avida/ Winnebago Gutter Spout Left hand side


Left hand side gutter spout for RV’s.

Avida/ Winnebago Gutter Spout Right


Right hand gutter spout for RV’s.

Avida/ Winnebago HEHR Flyscreen Handle (Left Hand Open)


Flyscreen handle, for HEHR doors.

Avida/ Winnebago HEHR Window Knob Short


HEHR Window Knob SHORT.

Avida/ Winnebago Hinge Plastic, Black


Black plastic storage bin hinge for RV’s.

Avida/ Winnebago Hinge Swing Up


Hinge for cabinetry doors, open upwards, for caravans and motorhomes.

Avida/ Winnebago Ladder Knuckle


The part that the ladder hooks into to enable you to access the bed above the cabin.

Avida/ Winnebago Latch Compression Handle (Bin Door)


Latch compression handle for bin doors.

Avida/ Winnebago Latch Lever Sealed


Latch to lock front boots and storage bins.

Avida/ Winnebago Light Double L8015


Double light.


Avida/ Winnebago Light Recessed 12v

$198.00 $175.00

Roof light, 12v.

Avida/ Winnebago Lock Handle L/R Skirt Door


Lock handle, L/R skirt door. Outside section only, does not contain internal mechanism.

Avida/ Winnebago Lock Trigger


Lock trigger for front window guards and storage bay hatches.

Avida/ Winnebago Shelf Support Black


Black shelf support.