5 Tips for buying a used motorhome

With innumerable models, options, features, and potential issues to consider, buying a used motorhome can be stressful. It’s also a significant investment of your time and money, so being sure you’ve found the best vehicle for your needs is vital before hitting the road. 

Below are five tips to help even the most green newcomers navigate the often overwhelming task of purchasing a used RV.

  1. Always buy from the dealer – Not only will buying a used motorhome from a dealer allow you to peruse a range of different models at once, it also helps avoid some of the hidden mechanical problems that can plague private sales. Used dealer stock typically undergoes a thorough multi-point inspection before hitting the showroom, affording buyers peace of mind that their purchase is a quality one.
  2. Make sure the sizing is just right – Miscalculating your storage needs is easy, so check and double check that your desired motorhome boasts enough room for all the gear necessary for your life on the road. It’s wise for growing families to consider sleeping arrangements for any future occupants, too.
  3. Check for signs of water leaks – As water damage can mar an otherwise perfect vehicle, it pays to take the time to check for such leaks. Susceptible areas include the windows, cupboards, walls, and bathroom fittings. While frequently overlooked, the roof is also worth inspecting as any faults there can exacerbate the problem of water damage.
  4. Try before you buy – It’s often tricky to identify which motorhome is right for you without first trying it out for size. So if possible, be sure to take any potential purchase for a test drive. This will allow you to get a feel for the size and set-up to which you are most suited. To be certain you’ll be as comfortable away from the wheel as you are behind it, remember to also check any furniture and bedding.
  5. Insurance is key – Mobile mishaps and breakdowns affect even the most seasoned nomad but having the right insurance policy in place can get you back on the tarmac in no time. Comprehensive accident cover, as well as roadside assistance, is a must so in the unfortunate case of a mishap or mechanical failure, you’re not left stranded should unforeseen circumstances arise.

With years of experience in insuring, selling, and servicing quality vehicles, the experts at Avida Gold Coast help make buying a used motorhome easier than ever before. Give their knowledgeable and friendly team a call on (07) 5569 7899.