Enjoy the Best Customer Service at Avida Caravans Gold Coast 


Are you daydreaming about life on the open road? If you’re looking to pack up the 9-5 to create a home on wheels, imagine how exciting it would be to give in to your adventurous side. Whatever your dreams, Avida Caravans Gold Coast can help provide the freedom you’re looking for. 

Australia is such a vast continent, offering varied environments and climates, therefore, it’s important to choose a caravan with suitable features and equipment to support you on your planned route. There are many ‘on the road’ stories, including water leaks and breakdowns, which will have you possibly stranded in a remote location, then paying a lot of money for a tow and repairs. 

Here are our steps to avoid getting stuck with unexpected expenses.

1. Speak to a professional.

Expertise is vital to ensure you are choosing a caravan that can handle specific weather conditions. You also need to look at the best sleeping and living arrangement for your budget. Remember, your caravan weight is specific to the maximum capacity of your towing vehicle, and there are legalities surrounding this, so to clear the confusion, it’s best to chat to the experts. Avida Caravans Gold Coast will walk you through every step, from the initial consultation to driving away with your caravan attached. The team at Avida prides itself on after-sales service, so we’re free to answer any related enquiries in future. 

2. If you want the best service, look for the best company.

Your risk of encountering unforeseen hassles is greatly reduced when buying a caravan from a company with 50 years’ experience in manufacturing, hiring and selling. With the best packages and an in-house service centre, Avida Caravans Gold Coast ensures your caravan is in perfect working order before you buy or when you’re due to go on a trip. You can avoid any mishaps on the road choosing a one-stop shop ,with options of roadside assistance, insurance, and industry-leading support.

3. Ask for information about your route.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you are prepared for your journey. Feel free to ask a trained team member about driver stops, nearby service centres along your route and lists of required equipment for your travel. Avida Caravans Gold Coast has a variety of resources according to your desired trip, so if one of our staff doesn’t have the answers you’re looking for, they can point you in the right direction to find out everything you need for a smooth ride.

What are you waiting for? Answer the call to adventure. Contact Avida Caravans Gold Coast to organise a free consultation or shop in-store and start your Van Tales soon!