How to Find the Best Motorhome Insurance

Hitting the road in a new Avida Motorhome is an exciting experience enjoyed by a growing number of Australians. However, few van tourers give much thought to the common disruptive incidents that can bring their journey to a screeching halt. 

When the unexpected happens, motorhome insurance is crucial to help motorhome owners protect their investment and get back behind the wheel. The team at Avida Motorhomes, leading providers of all types of recreational vehicles, explains the key points to look out for when navigating this often confusing world of policies, premiums, and product disclosure statements. 

Motorhome insurance can be thought of as a combination of car and home insurance. A range of policy options exist, from the basic (and mandatory) CTP insurance, to full comprehensive cover. With modern motorhomes being such a prized investment, it’s highly recommended owners look for insurance that provides the widest range of features and extras. 

Thankfully, policies for this type of vehicle can often be quite flexible, so if you’re unable to find cover for a specific item or potential issue, discussing it directly with the provider can offer peace of mind. 

At the bare minimum, your motorhome insurance policy should include cover for unexpected events such as fire, storm, flood, collision, mechanical failure, and hail damage, along with theft and third party liability. Like your fixed address, you’ll need contents insurance for your mobile abode as well to help safeguard your belongings, especially those essentials that can’t be screwed down. 

Such cover is likely to apply to obvious things like furniture, clothing, electronics, camping gear, and jewellery, but look for insurance that covers foodstuffs that spoil as a result of a fridge or freezer breakdown, and unauthorised use of credit cards should they be snatched. Each provider imposes specific value limits on how much can be claimed on these items, so it’s important to ensure your needs are met before agreeing to a policy.

Of course, no traveller wants to be left stranded, which is why it’s vital to look for insurance that provides mechanical breakdown towing, and if possible, a hire car and accommodation in the event your motorhome becomes unliveable due to damage.

There’s no better way to protect your pride and joy motorhome than to insure with a team as passionate about motorhomes as you are. With years of experience in sales, maintenance, and insurance, Avida Motorhomes is the clear choice for any RV enthusiast. Give the knowledgeable and friendly team a call today on (07) 5569 7899.