Motorhome Touring in Australia

A cursory search for the hashtag #vanlife on Instagram and Twitter is all that is required to witness the surge in popularity of the nomadic lifestyle among many grey and not-so-grey Australians. Indeed, there has never been a better time to say a temporary goodbye to your fixed address and take in all our glorious country has to offer. Before you join the flocks of campers cruising the Aussie coastline, there are important aspects of motorhome touring you will need to consider to ensure your extended expedition is one worthy of envy from friends, family, and social media followers.

Unless money is no object, financing an indefinite adventure away from the office is a considerable concern. While uprooting entirely and selling your home or subletting your rental property is a great way to hit the ground running, keeping your mobile abode on the road means a consistent alternative income is likely. Thankfully, advances in mobile technology allow for continued online work to be completed in even the most remote locales (think graphic design, writing, photography, sales, and even customer service). Unless you’re of the age to receive a regular superannuation pension, you’ll need access to cash for fuel and food. For those who don’t mind getting physical, you can follow Australia’s fruit picking seasons or try your hand at unskilled manual labour. 

If you already have all your financial ducks in a row, it can be difficult to decide what to do with the newfound freedom afforded by motorhome touring. While going it at your own pace and discovering paths less travelled has its merits, it may be advisable to rely on your fellow nomads for key insider information. Facebook communities, such as Van Life Australia, provide excellent insights about which hidden gem to explore next, while apps like Wikicamps detail where to find amenities, including the all-important (and all too scarce) hot shower.

Living the van life needn’t necessarily mean roughing it, though. While for some, sparse vans capable of hauling little else than sleeping quarters may suffice, others take to more modern motorhome touring options, which can boast the creature comforts of home in luxury style. In fact, showers, ensuites, kitchens, and roomy lounge areas are just the feature-laden tip of the iceberg available to would-be travellers. It’s all about choosing the right vehicle for your circumstances, wants, and needs.

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