Things to Consider When Buying a Motorhome

Congratulations! You have made the decision to purchase a motorhome and now the really serious business begins. Buying a motorhome, even from Avida Gold Coast is probably going to be one of the biggest dollar investments you make, second only to homeownership, so it is vital you get it right. 

The following addresses some of the more important elements to consider when you’re making an investment in your travelling future.

Wishful thinking

Have a look at what’s on offer for the Avida motorhome range then compile a Wish List of facilities that suit your requirements. Then hone that list into the Non-Negotiable features that come as must-haves with your motorhome, which may include custom features as well as standard. 

Consider how many berths you need, what engine size will suit you best and how much storage space you need while you travel, then write everything down so you don’t miss anything when you’re talking to an experienced dealer, who can help shed light on a lot of your enquiries.

Ultimately, when buying a motorhome, your budget is going to be your benchmark, which means you are likely to find yourself doing a balancing act. This will involve measuring your Wish List against your budget and there is a chance that in the final analysis, a compromise of Non-Negotiables and Wish List items will have to be made.

Deciding whether to buy new or used

Just like cars and trucks, buying a used Avida motorhome can be something of a lottery, which may render good, bad or even downright ugly (and costly) results. The good news is, however, that because these vehicles represent such a large investment, there is the potential to save big dollars by buying nearly new from Avida Gold Coast.

All our motorhomes undergo stringent testing and while the repair of any faulty mechanics is compulsory any flaws that may hinder the sale will also go through a remodelling process. When you purchase a vehicle from Avida Gold Coast you’ll know it’s been checked and double-checked before it is allowed to park on our lot.

Making an informed choice

You may think you want a spacious floorplan in your Avida motorhome, then decide that packing in more power and storage make more sense when you’re on the road, depending on your needs. So take plenty of time to view, test drive and inspect the entire range at Avida Gold Coast. 

Whether you’re buying a new or used motorhome, the team at Avida Gold Coast can help you find your best option. Call us on (07) 5560 2401 today!