What is it like to travel long-term in a caravan?

Imagine being able to take off whenever you like, without the worry of having to book expensive hotels along the way – all while you visit Australia’s favourite holiday destinations and some off-the-beaten track treasures as well. High-season rates will be a worry of the past when you choose a modern caravan as the solution to your touring dreams.

The Avida Topaz Caravan

Luxury modern caravans are so well-equipped that they easily compare with a quality hotel room or holiday apartment for amenities and comfort. If you plan on traversing the wilds of Australia, you can find a stylish and functional off-road caravan in a range of profiles to suit your needs.

Today’s modern touring vans are lightweight and sturdy, making them ideal travel companions for long voyages. Explore the delights of Australia’s picturesque coastline or the vivid colours of the red centre with an Avida single or tandem-axle style van suited to all types of terrain.

Your sleeping, dining and washing needs are all met in stylish luxury to create the ideal home away from home. Bring along whatever creature comforts you’ve become accustomed to, with plenty of space to store favourite books, DVDs, blankets and clothes.

Choose an Explorer Pack when you select your Avida modern caravan, which has added features for rougher terrain, including alloy wheels, sidewall stone protection and higher ground clearance.

If you’re going to be away for a while, you’ll need to plan your trip well before you leave home. If you’re planning on staying in one place for any length of time, ensure you have pre-booked powered sites as this is the easiest – and legal – way to stopover for a few weeks.

Modern caravans are so sophisticated these days, with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms and almost everything else you could think of, that they make an ideal choice when you want to take your time to explore Australia’s great outdoors in style.

Meander the highways and byways at your leisure with an Avida Gold Coast modern caravan by contacting our experienced team on (07) 5569 7899.