Owners of Recreational Vehicles (RVs) play a significant part in the Australian tourist economy, with figures for 2018-19 showing a spend of almost $14 billion on caravan and camping trips, of which 90% goes to regional economies whereby sites are located. The increasing popularity of this type of holiday, and the lifestyle accompanying it, is helped by owners’ clubs, such as the Avida RV Club (ARV), which combine a number of aspects, including motorhome maintenance, holidays and social clubs.

ARV Club offers the Out and About glossy magazine, published quarterly, which offers important information about the RV lifestyle, feature articles about life on the road, tips and competitions.

Avida’s own ARV Club is an advanced association, as members do not actually have to own an RV to join it; you may simply be a non-driving passenger or a keen enthusiast. This type of membership scheme shows the growing self-confidence of the RV industry, which in turn pays dividends to driving and non-driving customers in a number of ways.

Benefits for owner-drivers

As well as inviting non-driving members, the ARV is based on support for the vehicles themselves and their owners. Particularly valuable is the membership of Avida’s WRVC insurance scheme, which comes free with your membership to the ARV Club. As RVs are high-performance, specialist vehicles that have to comply with tight road safety laws, this sector of the insurance market is now recognised as a specific owner group in its own right.

Leading insurance provider Arthur J Gallagher administers the Avida scheme, giving members the confidence of being backed by the world’s fourth-largest insurance and risk management firm. This is the result of a risk assessment, which shows that RV drivers are among the safest on the road. In return, members of the scheme receive a range of benefits, including $10,000 contents cover and veterinary fees for any pets injured in a road accident.

Rewards and social events for all club members

The ARV Club offers financial benefits for all members, be they owner-drivers or not. It has a Rewards Program, which covers all of Australia and New Zealand. The Rewards include diverse purchases of a large range of goods and services, from items for the home to luxury health and beauty treatments. This focus on a wide variety of lifestyle products echoes the ARV Club’s commitment to including family members and friends as part of the scheme as a whole.

A very important aspect of this ethos is the program of nationwide Safaris, which the club runs throughout the year. These are held at different locations across Australia, chosen for their scenic views and suitability for RV campers. Intended as social events, evening entertainment is laid on, including barbecues, bingo, movie nights and dinner parties.

Avida Gold Coast is committed to the ARV Club, which fosters bonds between RV owner-drivers, their families, and the motorhome community as this aspect of the Australian lifestyle continues to grow.

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