Since its introduction back in 2004, Avida Motorhome Insurance has gained enormous market acceptability and it has grown dramatically, mainly due to the fact that it is one of the few insurance policies that has been specifically tailored to motorhomes and you, the people who drive them.

You have enjoyed the highly competitive policy conditions that Avida Insurance offers and its competitive pricing. Many people who receive a quote from us for a motorhome often compare the quote to what it costs to comprehensively cover their family car and often can’t believe the price they are given.

Much of it has to do with the fact that you are sensible drivers and our motorhomes are safe. Insurance companies work on track history and you are certainly a great bunch of drivers.

Avida insurance offers, amongst other things, automatic $10,000 contents cover for your personal belongings in your motorhome, far more than any other motorhome insurance product. Jewellery items, certain sporting equipment and fishing equipment are included up to defined limits.

In addition, your registered trailer is automatically covered for loss or damage up to its market value.

If you write off your motorhome within the first two years of ownership if you have owned it since new, you will receive a brand new motorhome as a replacement.

The policy also provides coverage for animals travelling with you for vet fees if they are injured as a result of vehicle impact.

Our Backers

Arthur J. Gallagher do a fine job of administering Avida Insurance. It is so easy to obtain a quote or information on your insurance by just calling our 1800 Freecall number. The friendly team at Arthur J. Gallagher is always there to assist you.

Arthur J. Gallagher is the world’s fourth largest insurance broking and risk management company. We have an extensive national broking network of more than 30 locations across Australia. We provide broking solutions to a wide range of clients from small to medium enterprises through to large multi-national corporations, as well as affinity partners and associations.

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